Alexander (A.M.) Reidpath had humble beginnings in the fishing industry. In the late 1920's, A.M. bought smelts from local fishermen in Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada - a hub for fisheries activities. As frequency and volumes grew, the need to provide freezing and cold storage services became evident. A.M. constructed his first mechanical freezing unit in the1930's which served him, the Reidpath Company, until 1942 when a larger, multifunctional facility was erected. The company continued to evolve and operated under the name of A.M. Reidpath and Son until A.M.'s passing in 1993.

In 1994, a second generation of Reidpaths - A.M.'s son, Gordon, and nephew, Vernon - formed a new partnership bearing the name Reidpath Cold Storage Ltd., operating from the 1942 location. Their combined efforts have developed Reidpath Cold Storage Ltd. as leading providers of fresh, frozen and salted products throughout North America. The company's expansion includes the addition of a third generation, Vernon's son Andre, as General Manager. Andre and his team progressively serve the North American sector and push the boundaries by expanding into inter-continental markets.

In an ever-changing environment, Reidpath Cold Storage Ltd. has successfully maintained a position and a purpose in the seafood industry. A family business built from the ground up, spanning 10 decades and three generations, Reidpath Cold Storage Ltd. and it's affiliated companies, Reidpath Distribution Inc. and Reidpath International Inc., honor and preserve their long-standing commitment to provide consistent, reliable products and services to a global market.